Saturday, February 27, 2010

Music for orphan relief!

Chasing Canaan's new single "Deep" is now available for purchase at! 100% of each $0.99 purchase is going to Haiti orphan relief through the Global Orphan Project, and you come away with a new, jammin' tune. Sweet deal. You in?

This will also be available on iTunes within the week.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Latest from Britney:

Dear Cite' Lespwa folk,

I had a conversation with Adrien and Joe from The Global Orphan project last week and a few emails this week. They are on site in Haiti working non-stop to find and aid new orphans that have been left after the quake. Along with the 18 other orphan villages that they support, they are functioning out of what they call the Transition Village. You can follow their blogs at (go to blog).

The day I talked to them, they had found 30 something new orphans the day before, 40 something that day, and had gotten a call that afternoon about 260 something new orphans just north of them that they "needed to come get." $10,000-$12,000 truckloads of food and supplies are coming across the DR line every day. And THIS is where our relief effort money is going, for those of you who appreciate the specifics and the connection. And THIS is why we sleep in tents. Some of these babies, the very few, are being reunited with their families, while others will have to be placed somewhere in the near future under the GOP's care.

The official first check for the GOP relief in Haiti was sent yesterday: $75,647!!! That can pay for 6 truckloads of food!!!

Donations and creative fund/awareness-raising and story-telling has certainly not ceased on our end. We breathe deep, we process (Lord willing), and we continue forward in this agreement of solidarity with our Haitian brothers and sisters in whatever way that looks like next for everyone.

Since so many new orphans will need a place to go, there is a large possibility that the specific orphanage we (FUMC) work with in Les Cayes will be asked to expand as to house 40 new kids. It is a blessing that we have the funding that has come in over the past six months to build the new dorms, however we will have to find around 28 more new sponsors to be able to provide the 3-meals-a-day and medical attention for the new beautiful faces. So, if you know anyone able and willing to sponsor at $35 a month, tell them to email me: Britney Winn,

Well done, Cite' Lespwa tent dwellers and faithful work crew, and thank you, THANK YOU generous givers.

Piti piti na rive,
Little by little, we will arive,

Britney Winn

Thursday, February 4, 2010


1. A check for $50 thousand has officially been written to the Global Orphan Project! Great job and thanks, thanks, and more thanks to you city-of-hopers :)

2. Due to the influx of new orphans from the quake into Les Cayes, we need to get 40 new sponsors @ $35/month for Bighouse (the orphanage we've had a relationship with and were helping to support before the earthquakes), as it looks like we're about to expand there. Can we do it before March 1st?? Tell anyone you think may be willing & interested!

3. Check out the Global Orphan Project blog for constant updates on the orphan rescues and relief work that's continuing every day!

4. Check out Together for Adoption's site for info on what's next for Cite' Lespwa.

"...[It's] not aid. It's relationship. Restoration is the promise! ... Individually, we're in way over our heads. Collectively, we're right on. That's faith ALIVE. Thank you!"
-Joe Knittig of the Global Orphan Project

Monday, February 1, 2010

Where the money is going:

Here's a link to the Global Orphan Project's blog from the ground in Haiti. This is the organization our funds go through to get to the kids!

Global Orphan Project

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things we're excited about....

-The involvement and contributions of every single person who has been a part of this beautiful adventure into which we've been invited. Whether you showed up, camped out, prayed, fed us, played music, brought coffee, sold tshirts, tweeted, donated, honked your horn as you drove by, all of the above or anything else...THANK YOU thank you thank you from the deepest place possible!

- An approximate total of $50,000 dollars collected in our 7 days together. (Money is still flowing in and being counted; we'll post updates as they are available.)

- Together for Adoption will be partnering with Britney Winn with the goal of seeing Cité Lespwa duplicated all across the country. Their plan is to host the next tent city in Greenville, South Carolina the first Friday-Saturday (12 noon to 12 noon) in March, with other cities signing up for successive Friday-Saturday dates. We hope to see Cité Lespwas hosted by cities throughout the country well into the spring and summer months.

Every dollar raised through Cité Lespwa will go to support Haiti’s orphans through our Church-Centered Haitian Orphan Initiative. Details are forthcoming.

(Britney has been very confident that she and team were in Haiti during the earthquake for specific reasons and that our goal for Cite Lespwa was the huge $1 million for a reason...many of which I know we may not see or be aware of, at least any time soon, but so many have been amazingly obvious already! Like this connection. I can't wait to see more of it's fruit!)



I look forward to sharing more ASAP, I assure you! So many thoughts, emotions, stories, questions, etc. in response to all this are swimming around in me right now that I can't quite grab a hold of any one thing long enough to formulate cohesive statements just yet. Soon though, very soon I feel :)

Until then... may we both hope in Jesus and hope like Jesus hoped,