Thursday, February 4, 2010


1. A check for $50 thousand has officially been written to the Global Orphan Project! Great job and thanks, thanks, and more thanks to you city-of-hopers :)

2. Due to the influx of new orphans from the quake into Les Cayes, we need to get 40 new sponsors @ $35/month for Bighouse (the orphanage we've had a relationship with and were helping to support before the earthquakes), as it looks like we're about to expand there. Can we do it before March 1st?? Tell anyone you think may be willing & interested!

3. Check out the Global Orphan Project blog for constant updates on the orphan rescues and relief work that's continuing every day!

4. Check out Together for Adoption's site for info on what's next for Cite' Lespwa.

"...[It's] not aid. It's relationship. Restoration is the promise! ... Individually, we're in way over our heads. Collectively, we're right on. That's faith ALIVE. Thank you!"
-Joe Knittig of the Global Orphan Project

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