Monday, January 18, 2010

Cite'Lespwa - Are You In?

Here it is...

Yesterday I woke up after sleeping 12 hours in a nice comfy bed after two days of evacuation from the indescribably broken and hurting Haiti. I woke up and got in the shower and broke down in heavy sobs, sickened and overwhelmed at how I slept in my bed while thousands, millions sleep on the chaotic, bloody, leveled streets of Haiti.

The only place I wanted to be was sleeping outside with them.

And that's when it hit. THAT was exactly what we're supposed to do. We'll sleep outside in solidarity with the Haitian people in an effort to raise money for Orphan Relief for the thousands and thousands of children who were already living in disgustingly appalling and unjust conditions, now heightened and added to by the initial destruction and continued suffering caused by the 7.0 earthquake from Tuesday.

With Port au Prince as the major distribution hub for the country, everyone will be effected. No one will go without experiencing the decreasing food, gas, and water supply as the outside cities become overpopulated with survivors and PAP continues to be overpopulated with bodies and rubble. As relief workers, search and rescue teams, doctors and troops pour into the country that has so inspirationally scraped for and stood on hope for so many generations, we must do what we can from where we are to help them.

This is why we're sleeping outside.

And this is what it will look like.

THIS Wednesday at 3pm on the lawn in front of Centenary's Gold Dome on Kings Highway, tents will begin to be put up and sleeping bags rolled out as we initiate the building of our own tent city, representative of the hundreds that have emerged throughout Haiti's countryside.

We will set up a table for donations and information and a table for water coolers. And we are asking two things:

1. For you to join us.
2. And for you to raise as much awareness and money as you can from your corner of the world in 6 days.

We will be living in Cite' Lespwa (the city of hope) Tent City from Wednesday afternoon to Tuesday night. And within that time, we have partnered with First Methodist Shreveport and Centenary and said that WE WANT TO RAISE A MILLION DOLLARS FOR ORPHAN RELIEF.

Do you know someone who would like to camp out with us (bringing their own tent, food, and water bottle)? Do you know someone with a tent to donate for 6 days? Do you know someone (or someones) with a check-book at hand? Do you have people you work with or go to school with that can make signs or spread the word or donate cash? Tell them, tell them all. Take it on as your personal responsibility to make this happen.

We can do it, but we can only do it if we're together.

The money can be given in three ways:

1. At the Cite' Lespwa site itself (in front of the gold dome)
2. Across the street at the CLC office in the Smith Building on Centenary's Campus
3. Or at First United Methodist Shreveport downtown on Common Street

All checks are made payable to First United Methodist Shreveport FOR orphan relief. This money will go directly to helping rebuild orphanages that have been leveled or supply orphanages with food, water, and medical attention that they will need to sustain those already there and the hundreds that have been left sense the earthquake.

One Million Dollars... 6 days... in solidarity with the Haitians, in love, in prayer, in tents.

Join us. Tell everyone. We need you.

"But I will restor you to health
and heal your would,' declares the Lord,
'because you are called an outcast,
Zion for whom no one cares.'
"This is what the Lord says:
'I will restore the fortunes of Jacob's tents
and have compassion on his dwellings;
the city will be rebuilt on her ruins,
and the palace will stand in its proper place.
From them will come songs of thanksgiving
and the sound of rejoicing.
I will add to their numbers,
and they will not be decreased;
I will bring them honor,
and they will not be disdained." -Jeremiah 30:17-19

Please take this note and post it on your walls. Also keep in mind that the Cite' Lespwa is not a locked-down project, you can come and go as you wish (not skipping school or work) but come. Please come.

For the love of those He loves, for their healing and restoration.

Are you in?

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