Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things we're excited about....

-The involvement and contributions of every single person who has been a part of this beautiful adventure into which we've been invited. Whether you showed up, camped out, prayed, fed us, played music, brought coffee, sold tshirts, tweeted, donated, honked your horn as you drove by, all of the above or anything else...THANK YOU thank you thank you from the deepest place possible!

- An approximate total of $50,000 dollars collected in our 7 days together. (Money is still flowing in and being counted; we'll post updates as they are available.)

- Together for Adoption will be partnering with Britney Winn with the goal of seeing Cité Lespwa duplicated all across the country. Their plan is to host the next tent city in Greenville, South Carolina the first Friday-Saturday (12 noon to 12 noon) in March, with other cities signing up for successive Friday-Saturday dates. We hope to see Cité Lespwas hosted by cities throughout the country well into the spring and summer months.

Every dollar raised through Cité Lespwa will go to support Haiti’s orphans through our Church-Centered Haitian Orphan Initiative. Details are forthcoming.

(Britney has been very confident that she and team were in Haiti during the earthquake for specific reasons and that our goal for Cite Lespwa was the huge $1 million for a reason...many of which I know we may not see or be aware of, at least any time soon, but so many have been amazingly obvious already! Like this connection. I can't wait to see more of it's fruit!)



I look forward to sharing more ASAP, I assure you! So many thoughts, emotions, stories, questions, etc. in response to all this are swimming around in me right now that I can't quite grab a hold of any one thing long enough to formulate cohesive statements just yet. Soon though, very soon I feel :)

Until then... may we both hope in Jesus and hope like Jesus hoped,


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  1. I have been asked over and over again if there is anything else people can do. Cite' Lespwa will continue in Greenville, but what is net for us in Shreveport?